Sunday, November 1, 2009

Biel -Beautiful mountains of Hokkaido, Japan

Continuing our Hokkaido tour, my wife and I, together with the rest of the tour group, arrived at the picturesque town of Biel one warm afternoon.

Biel is famous for its magnificent fields and plains sloping beautifully complementing one another on the different mixes of colours against the backdrop of majestic mountains, simply breathtaking, it was just like a giant rainbow palette! Just look at the photo below!

My wife and I were thrilled at arriving at one of these farms (not too sure the name of this farm, but believe t is near Tomita farm) and experienced the sights and aroma of the plethora of flowers in a myriad of different colours. My wife and I were particularly attracted to the Lavender flowers, which is famed in the region.

Prior to visiting Hokkaido, I have only paid fleeting attention to Lavender, only knowing that the flower has romantic connotations. Coming to Hokkaido, I was fully enlightened on the usefulness of the flower, how these aromatic flowers are being harvested as ingredients for products.

For example, lavender skin conditioner which will help one remove stubborn dead skin. Lavender pillows promise a good night of sleep. There is also lavender drink I learnt from the internet, though my wife and I did not see it in Hokkaido, let alone try.

On another day of our tour, the subject of interest: Sunflowers! Yeah, we stopped at a large field growing hundreds of large, healthy and beautiful sunflowers! Each sunflower is as big as my face!

With shots and shots taken of these great flowers, we boarded the bus and proceeded to our next destination.

Biei is real beautiful with its myriad of stunning, colourful and magnificent flowers! I never been to a flower paradise as Biei.