Sunday, November 8, 2009

Japan Hokkaido Tour- Jigokudani Hell Valley

As soon as the tour guide announced that the next place of interest we would be visiting was Hell Valley, the whole of the tour group which included my wife and I were thrilled and ecstatic!

Oh Hell Valley! What a name! What is this place that merits such a heavily-worded name? We were soon to find out.

Within minutes, we arrived at Hell Valley, which is a valley that has clearly discernible steam vents, yellow sulphurous streams and some trees and grasses on the periphery.

The weather was very hot and harsh and it just accentuated the hellish feeling of the valley. Our group proceeded on the trail which led us to hot fuming lakes, sulphurous streams, it seem that the name is befitting of the place which makes life almost inhospitable there!

Cameras were up by the dozens, followed by clicks and clicks of the camera buttons as we lapped up pictures after pictures of the scenic valley.