Friday, May 20, 2011

Chan Brothers Europe Tour: Trevis Fountain and Spanish Steps (Day 2)- Part 4

Trevis Fountain and Spanish Steps were the last two attractions for the first day of our Europe tour and our first day in our Italy tour.

Before our bus arrived at Trevis Fountain, our tour manager taught us how to throw the coin into the fountain. There were, as he explained, 3 kinds of throw: throwing after one gesture is good enough, throwing after two or three related to something of a break-up in relationship, hence all of us did not try it.

I still could remember the scene when my wife and I set foot to Trevis Fountain. The sun has gone away, the air was cool and cold and many Italians, cloaked in winter wear were out having fun with friends and family.

The tour group stopped to take a look at a Gelato ice-cream stall recommended by the tour manager before proceeding to Trevis Fountain. The tour manager has earlier cautioned against pickpockets here and hence my wife and I were extra-cautious. We threw our coins and caught our poses on camera and then like the many of our tour members, we bought the ice-creams and indulged in them!

Next after Trevis Fountain, we proceeded to Trevis Steps, touted as the widest staircase in Europe. We walked up the steps and admired the beautiful scenery from below.

It was a hectic first day of our Europe tour and first day in Italy. We visited the colosseum, the holiest church in Vatican City, Trevis Fountains and Spanish Steps right after touching down at Italy and after transit in Turkey.

The trevis fountain and Spanish steps made for a very romantic moment for my wife and I. Excellent scenery, cool and cold winds, interesting sights, people and sound. A truly refreshing fit to the end of the itinery!