Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hokkaido airport and Mas Selamat?

While I was at Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, I saw this photo of a criminal plastered on the noticeboard in the airport, immediately I recalled similar such posters of Singapore's Mas Selamat.

I do not understand Japanese, hence I wondered what heinous crime this guy has committed to command a bounty of 1 million yen!
100 yen is around Sin $1.55, 1 million yet will be around Sin $1 5, 500. The other time when Mas Selamat was at large, the bounty on him was Sin $1 million. However, Mas Selamat is a international terrorist chief, as such the bounty on him was much much larger.
Next time, when you go Hokkaido, see whether you come across the person in the photo. The moment you see him, will you catch him for the bounty, run for your life or pretend you have not seen him?