Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland

It was with the greatest excitement that my Dear and I arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland for a day of FUN!

We have heard so much about Disneyland and all the lively and colourful characters which live on this fantasy land, however the actual coming to Disneyland is really one of the wishes come true for both of us!

It was raining cats and dogs as we arrived at Disneyland; however the rains never fail to dampen our spirits as we were raring to go and to have an attempt at all the rides and shows right here in Disneyland!

The main attraction of Disneyland, is undoubtedly the alluring fireworks which commences at 1930 hours sharp daily. Thus we saw many weary visitors, who have obviously tried all the fun in Disneyland, patiently waiting for that firework shows which will be fully gratifying.

After all the rides we took and booths we visited, it was finally TIME for that MAGICAL fireworks show. As the fireworks commenced, hands holding cameras and digital phones shot high up, all to capture that magical moment.

How apt was the music that accompanied the stunning fireworks: “A Whole New World”. As the fireworks reached its climax and ended with a most magnificent burst of dazzling fireworks, accompanied with mind-boggling lighting wizardry, “A Whole New World” again concluded the whole magical show, leaving every visitor highly gratified and full of hope. I was really touched by the brilliant fireworks and for a moment, I feel that there is still Hope for the world!

Dear readers, lets us work hard and fulfil our dreams! May all your dreams come TRUE!