Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Tour: Causeway Bay

When I visited Hong Kong in April with my finance, Causeway Bay was not really in our itinerary as we have thought the shopping district there was just like our very own Orchard Road. And we already have Harborfront City in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon in our itinerary for day one of our tour, that would suffice for an experience of a modern Hong Kong shopping centre, that’s what we have thought.

 It was only when the tour guide who brought us for a half-day city sight-seeing started to enumerate the ‘must-see’ places of Hong Kong for all visitors that we were ‘jolted back into reality’. ‘Ocean Park’, ‘Victoria Peak Tram, ‘Disneyland’, ‘Ngong Ping Hill’ ….. the male tour guide whose name is Emil (seems to be a popular Christian name for Hong Kong guys, Emil Chow is a popular Hong Kong singer) started to rattle on as well as giving a brief description of each of these attractions. My Dear and I did not pay much attention as lethargy from a hectic schedule of visiting Hong Kong on the very first day till then has caught the better of us and somemore the places the tour guide mentioned have already been or going to be ‘conquered’ by us. ‘Causeway Bay …’ the tour guide next spoke. My Dear and I woke up from our slumber. Why? We have thought Causeway Bay is just another shopping district there and why is it then a ‘must see’ place for tourists to Hong Kong?
The reason: Causeway Bay is Asia’s 2nd most expensive shopping district after the Ginza district in Japan and one of the top 10 most expensive shopping districts in the world. If you thought the items in Orchard Road in Singapore are expensive, wait till you visit the shopping centres in Causeway Bay. If you thought Fifth Avenue in US is very expensive, wait till you come to Causeway Bay! If you think Takashimaya shopping centre in our country is big, wait till you visit the epitome of Causeway Bay shopping experience: Times Square! My Dear and I managed to locate Times Square after ‘a series of turns and corners’ from Causeway Bay MTR station. We can only spare some time on Times Square as we have some other places in Hong Kong to visit. Times Square is just like Takashimaya.. but only bigger! My Dear and I were not fans of branded items thus it was sufficient to just leave our footprints and some personal matters (yes we visited the loos there, but the taps are not made of gold) there.