Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Tour: Gold Fish Market

Nestled in Tung Choi Street, MongKok, Hong Kong are dozens of shops selling a diverse buffet of Gold Fishes, so much so that this street of MongKok has been affectionately called ‘Gold Fish Market’.

Now, you may ask, what is so special about the Gold Fish Market, isn’t it just a street with many shops selling Gold Fishes? Well, this is what I have thought prior to coming to this street with my Dear. I have thought that this will be just a street cluttered with shophouses selling a dozen variety of Gold Fishes. However, I was only partially right. What my Dear and I saw in the Gold Fish Market really opened our eyes!

What we witnessed were really, what I call, “Art Fishes”! Most of the gold fishes that greeted our eyes have bodies that come with a natural design which seems almost man-made. But these are not. These gold fishes bodies are carved with natural wonderful stripes and botches which are really really fascinating. If you see these fishes, you must have thought that someone must have painted these designs on the bodies of these lovely creatures with an art brush!

Wow, my Dear and I have never seen such wonderful Gold Fishes before! Gold Fish market in Mongkok really lives up to its name! The Ocean is really Great and mysterious to have some of these beautiful creatures. Oceans, covering 70% of the earth, remain the most unexplored parts of our earth. Deep in these oceans are some creatures which we, man, may not have seen before in our lifetime. Oceans, may hold the most beautiful creatures on Mother Earth, but who knows, they may also be homes to the largest sea monsters which man has not seen before….. haha, I should not end my post with such a scary overtone, continue admiring the Gold Fishes ba.