Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Tour: Repulse Bay

Yesterday, I shared with readers my shopping experience in one of the most expensive shopping districts in Hong Kong and in fact the world. Today, I would like to bring you to Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, which is one of the most expensive residential areas in Hong Kong.

As the name suggests, Repulse Bay is a beach and it is located at the southern end of Hong Kong Island. Just a quick note for those who are not familiar with Hong Kong geography: Hong Kong is divided into 4 main islands: Lantau (which houses the international airport and Disneyland), Hong Kong Island (which houses Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, the Central (Central Business District of Hong Kong), Kowloon (which houses shopping areas like Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok) as well as the New Territories (which is largely undeveloped).
Repulse Bay offers premium waterfront living to the residents who live on the rich, swanky and sprawling bungalows, houses and condominiums which dot the beach. The beach is alike our Singapore’s Sentosa’s beach, hot and tropical. It is less humid in Repulse Bay but hotter. One can feel the piercing rays of the sun penetrating into one’s skin: this attest to the high UV in vicinity of the beach. Repulse Bay is not really that accessible to those going there on their own as it is located quite to the southern end of the island. We were told by our tour guide that repulse bay is home to international superstars like Jackie Chan as well as the richest Chinese in the world!