Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Tour: Triple O Burgers

On the second night of our Hong Kong tour, my Dear and I visited Victoria Peak via taking the amazing Peak Tram, which carried passengers up and down along the slope of the hill.. literally!

I will describe my Peak Tram adventure in another blog post, today’s post will touch on Triple O Burgers which my Dear and I partook before taking the tram up to the top of Victoria Peak.

To get to the Peak Tram terminus, the nearest MTR station to get there would be the Central MTR station. We went without dinners as we anticipated to savour some great meals from the ‘Chan Cang Teng’ in Central itself. However, how wrong we were! The part of Central where we alighted from the MTR is literally like Raffles Place in Singapore, where skyscrapers tower ahead and there is hardly any common café or ‘Chan Cang Teng’ in sight despites our ‘intensive search’.

After giving up our search for a café, we decided to settle for any place, which offers food so as to appease our hunger pangs. We walked into a shopping centre (could not remember its name) and chanced upon a fast food restaurant there: Triple O.

Triple O, as a fast food brand is alien to my Dear and I. Living in Singapore, where the household fast food brand names are McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and the up and coming brands are brands such as Carl Junior, Café Carter. There is no Triple O fast food outlet in Singapore hence my Dear and I were also high anticipating of the tastes of a brand of burgers we have not tried before.

We ordered chicken burgers (the fast food menu is almost similar to McDonalds in terms of offerings) and the price is almost similar ($10++ SIN dollars for a set meal). The chicken burger I ate has fresh and tender chicken meat. What I find refreshing in the burger is that the buns are not sesame buns but normal bread buns, devoid of sesame seeds, which are nevertheless tasty when eaten together as a whole. I was most surprised to see also a vial of vinegar on the dining table and wonder how it could be used as a flavoring to complement the meal.

I learnt from the burger wrappings that Triple O is Canada’s franchise chain of burger restaurants. But what is the significance of the name “Triple O” ?