Saturday, May 14, 2011

Japan Hokkaido Tour: Dosmetic Flight

Did you see the photo of the colourful plane below?
If you take a closer look, you would have noticed that the plane is decked out in 'Pokemon' style, with the pictures of the cartoon characters adorning the facade of the plane.

This was the plane my Dear and I travelled in when we made our return journey from the Chitose airport in Hokkaido back to Haneda airport in Tokyo. As such, this plane is a domestic-flight plane. Not all the domestic-flight planes in Chitose are similarly adorned with Pokemon characters. My Dear and I were lucky to travel in this lovely plane. Even the seat covers depict these Pokemon characters as well!

There are some cool and beautiful models of these "Pokemon" planes on display at the airport.

Domestic planes in Japan are of no-frill types. There is only a centralized projector screening screening movies for interested passengers to pass time as there is no individual TV station for each individual. It only makes sense. What I love about the flight is that we can order bottles of Japanese wine/sake in lieu of the common glasses of orange juices and I must tell you that their wine or sake is real refreshing and invigorating!
On our last day of our tour, we left our hotel towards airport at 8 am Japan time and we reached our home only around 12am Singapore time! The whole journey of taking 2 planes as well as transfer coaches coupled with waiting took around 12 hours in all! We were tired nevertheless but sad to leave a beautiful country like Japan.