Friday, May 20, 2011

Tour of St. Peter's Basilica (Day 2)-Part 3

Our first day of European tour took us to the smallest country on earth: Vatican City! It was amazing, as the tour manager pointed out, just metres away from a demarcation across the road was Vatican City and on the other side: Italy!

The tour group joined the hundreds of visitors to St Peter’s Basilica and the same tour guide who took us for the Rome colosseum tour regaled us with the amazing history of the holiest church in the world! I was amazed that the construction of the church transcended over centuries, even Leonardo Da Vinci was involved in the intricate design of the church.

The interior of the church was truly amazingly beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful church in the world! The design of the church is heavenly!

We had a quick 40 minutes tour of the church but the tour group had to wait for an additional 20 minutes for two aunties who somehow did not meet at the assembly point on time. The winds in that later part of the evening was chilly cold and my wife and I kept shivering while waiting. At the same time, the UV rays were strong.