Saturday, May 14, 2011

What to buy from Hokkaido?

As part of my series of posts on my recent Hokkaido tour with my wife, today, let me give you a list of things to buy from Hokkaido!

As all of you might have known, the White Lovers' Chocolate is the most famous chocolate in Japan, and if you are in Hokkaido, you must definitely buy at least one box of these chocolates as the White Lover Chocolate factory is located none other than Hokkaido!

The factory is open to tourists and public for viewing of the processes taking place inside, but what is more admirable to tourists is the facade of the factory which really looks like Disneyland! I will touch on my visit to this factory soon on my blog, so keep a lookout! White Lovers' chocolates are sold in many shops throughout Hokkaido, you may wish to consider buying from a budget shop.

And besides these lovely chocolates, one other thing that is highly recommended for to buy is the Lavender pillows as you can see from the photo below:

I bought my Lavender pillow from the Herb Hill at Furano though you can find these pillows from other shops scattered throughout Hokkaido. What is special about the Lavender pillow I bought from the shop is that my Lavender pillow contains not only Lavender but also charcoal and this 'combination' pillow can only be bought from Herb Hill as I saw only Lavender pillows at other shops but not together with the charcoal one. Price wise of this pillow? Around SIN $40! It is worth the money as since I have used the pillow, I have enjoyed uninterrupted full night sleeps and it is really true! What is more, the friendly Japanese who sold me the pillows have told me that these pillows give out negative ions which are real beneficial for the bodies while Lavender calms the nerves and induces sleep! Thus consider getting one next time you visit Hokkaido!
Since Lavender flowers are widely harvested in Hokkaido, you must not miss the Lavender Skin lotion which can really help to rub off those stubborn old flakes of skin. Yes my Dear and I have bought! You may ask why I am a man but still buy. My answer is that this is the age of the metrosexual man, anyway I am not too metrosexual, just want to pamper myself sometimes!
Another product that you must buy is Hokkaido Horse Oil Cream. As the name suggests, this cream is made from the oil gleaned from the skins of horses. There is a wealth of beauty benefits of this cream and my wife and I bought 3 bottles at around SIN $50 each!If you suffer from flaky and dry skin, have a rub with the cream and you will soon marvel at the wonders of this cream!

To summarise, only at Hokkaido can you buy these 4 things:

a) White Lover Chocolates (though it may retail at other parts of Japan too)

b) Lavender skin conditioner

c) Lavender-based pillows

d) Hokkaido Horse Oil Creams

Stay tuned to my blog, and unravel with me as I bring you the latest, uncut Japan short stories from Hokkaido!
Everytime I write my blog posts on Hokkaido, nostalgia seeps deep into me and how I wish I can be with Mother nature, the mountains, the seas, the cute bears and foxes, hot springs, staying in such beautiful place while enjoying the fresh mineral-rich water and super-great and nourishing milk! Not that I do not like Singapore, just that it can be a tad sad to live in a small country of concrete jungles, hectic and stressful life as well as rising number of foreigners. No complaints though, it is my blessing to be born in this island with a good government and free of natural disasters.