Saturday, May 14, 2011

Xu Liu Shan 许留山 (Hui Lau Shan)

Sprinkled around Hong Kong are desserts shops called ‘Xu Liu Shan’! You will not be able to miss these shops for they seem to be in every corner of major shopping districts, even in Hong Kong Airport.

‘Xu Liu Shan’ in Cantonese is called ‘Hui Lau Shan’. ‘Xu’ is a Chinese surname, for which the Hokkien version is ‘Koh’ and the Cantonese counterpart is ‘Hui’. Okay, enough of history here, lets talk about the real stuff here.

So what is the real stuff in ‘Xu Liu Shan’? It is none other than mangoes, and yes, fresh mangoes to be exact! From the very first day of our Hong Kong trip right to the last day, my Dear and I were practically ‘Xu Liu Shan’ –ing (means eating the desserts in these excellent dessert shops) everyday of our tour!

So that must attest to something great about the desserts in ‘Xu Liu Shan’ right? We tried many signature mango drink desserts in the shops, each with a slightly different flavour, catering to the myriad of tastebuds of different customers!

For instance, we had the 101% mango drink:

And some cocktails of the mango with another flavour, such as coconut milk:

Whatever the variety you choose, each of these ‘Xu Liu Shan’ mango drink is really a HEAVENLY drink, which will soothe, replenish and renourish your soul! I have never tasted something so heavenly of a mango in my whole life before. Next time, when my Dear and I go to Hong Kong, we must have another ‘Xu Liu Shan’ mango drink!